dev shahani

An assortment of things I've done professionally and for fun.

current focus:

2016 → PRESENT


  • Senior Developer: I lead and contribute to projects related to Shopify's App Store. Recent projects include internal tools to assist with reviewing submitted apps, rebuilding the store's taxonomy, and migrating cloud service providers. Beyond code, I enjoy running learning sessions focused on increasing understanding of existing infrastructure and new technologies.
  • Onboarding Instructor: I took on a 3 month secondment with the R&D onboarding team to run technical workshops for new hires. I identified gaps in the hands-on learning aspect of onboarding and led the design and implementation of a code-along program to give new hires practical experience across our tech stack with the support of experienced Shopify developers.
  • Developer Experience: I built Shopify Developer Tools to improve the developer experience of building Shopify apps. It automated the process of generating dummy data for stores, and provided playgrounds to make authenticated API calls and preview and customize Shopify Polaris UI components.
    Read the launch post.


2019 → PRESENT

Web-based bookmarking built in Elixir using the Phoenix framework.

2018 → 2019


macOS app to stitch time-lapse photos together.



I entered the Meteor Global Hackathon with a prototype for a platform that let shelters and foodbanks coordinate their requirements (monetary and goods) with donors. My entry won third place 🥉.


I enjoy filming and editing videos. From time to time the results aren't too bad:

December 17, 2015

DIY Christmas gift wrapping

with Noreen Wasti
I remember not liking the way this video was turning out while we were working on it, but somehow it got featured by Instagram as one of the "most fun and festive videos of the season" 🥳.


2006 → 2010

University of Toronto

History and Philosophy of Science, Political Science

2004 → 2006

English College Dubai

→ 2004

Dubai Scholars Private School